windshield replacement Palmdale CA

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windshield replacement Palmdale CA

Should you encounter some sort of issue with any of the auto glass on your vehicle, you will need to look for a good company you can trust for windshield replacement in Palmdale, CA. If it happens to be the first time you find yourself in need of such a service, it is better that you look for a shop that provides high-quality work and has a solid reputation in the area. The glass of your vehicle protects you from the elements outside of it, but also to ensure that the structural integrity remains intact.

There may be times when you do not have time to make your way into a shop for one reason or another. Our team at De Leon Auto Glass would like you to know a few things to look for when finding the best mobile auto glass company in the area: 


When it comes to windshield repair or mobile auto glass replacement, you need to know that the company you work with is fully accredited and certified. Any company worth enlisting to help with your auto glass will be happy to go over these details with you. Proper qualifications show you that they have a dedication to their craft and providing outstanding results for customers.

Safe Drive Away Times

It is always important that you inquire about safe drive away time. This is the time necessary for any adhesive to fully cure so that you can drive away safely. Your windshield must be able to withstand impact should you be involved in a crash. Any good windshield replacement in Palmdale, CA, must have a wait time of about three hours unless they are using a special adhesive that facilitates shorter cure times.

Insurance Claim Assistance 

Nobody wants to have to deal with insurance claims, especially if they are not sure how to handle it. A mobile windshield replacement company should both accept and assist you with insurance claims if requested. This will include direct billing to your insurance company if you are hoping to file a claim. 


If you are using mobile auto glass repair, then location might not be a factor. With De Leon Auto Glass, you can either come to us, or we can come to you! We offer same-day mobile scheduling as well so that you can get the repair or replacement that you need and then back to your routine without hassle. 


Of course, ratings and reviews go a long way while telling you whether or not a windshield replacement company is worth hiring. We have a long list of happy customers that will vouch for the hard work and high-quality results that we provide at De Leon Auto Glass. 

Do you need someone to help with windshield replacement in Palmdale, CA? We De Leon Auto Glass offers windshield replacement, windshield rock chip repair, power window regulator and motor replacement, and more! Contact De Leon Auto Glass by calling (661) 544-9010 or visit our shop for auto glass repair. You can also visit and fill out our convenient online contact form.

windshield replacement Palmdale CA
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