Turbocharger kits San Bernardino

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Turbocharger kits San Bernardino

High-performance cars like racing vehicles owe a lot of their remarkable ability on turbochargers. Anyone who installs turbos will often wonder how the new unit changes the service history of the car.

Do turbocharged cars need more service?

Turbochargers are typically inside the exhaust system. The turbine gets into contact with the exhaust engine and generates intense heat on the oil. This mechanism often results in a need to service the engine for more frequent oil changes. You may also need to change the spark plugs and transmission fluid more.

A driver who maintains regular aggression of the turbocharger will often have a floored throttle. Other areas that may require periodic repair include worn-out tires, brakes, and suspension. Fortunately, you can identify signs of a car that needs new service before the repairs weigh down the car. It is recommendable that the owner books for regular turbocharger service by Samperio Turbo. 

Signs you should service turbocharger kits in San Bernadino.

The turbo sucks in the air into the cylinder to burn more fuel. The result is to make the car run fast while minimizing exhaust waste. Turbos are immune to failures, and will begin their journey towards the end with the following symptoms:

Bad acceleration

The turbo’s primary purpose is to power up the engine; hence a weak engine equates to reduced power. The culprit of the progress could be a failing turbo that delays the car’s performance in mixing air and fuel. Our mechanics have enough experience to work on turbocharging systems that are slowly beginning to fail.

Increased gas

A chief function of the turbocharger kit is to maintain fuel economy while improving performance. Frequent trips to the gas station or a change in the miles you travel with a gallon of oil signal a failing turbo. Another potential cause of failure for inadequate fuel consumption is a leak into the turbo.

Excess exhaust smoke

Turbos have a design that dramatically reduces smoke from the exhaust pipe. Excess smoke signals a defective turbo with possible cracks. These cracks allow the oil to leak into the exhaust system and increase the production of smoke.

Black smoke

The combustion chamber with an oil leak will result in a leak from the cracked turbo housing. Black smoke may be due to the following faults in the turbo:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Limited airflow
  • A defect on fuel injectors

Siren noise

A faulty turbo will have a loud siren noise that worsens as the turbo breaks down. Do not gamble on this noise because it may damage other parts of the car, such as the engine.

Engine warning light

This particular dashboard light is one of the most stressful in most cars. While it may signal a host of other issues, it is a sure sign of a failing turbo when you have other accompanying failures. A persistent or blinking light should immediately prompt a visit to the mechanic.

The cost of repairing your turbo is mainly dependent on a range of problems and labor estimates. This case is why we always recommend speaking to one of our mechanics for a specific quote. We are readily available for a call, email, or visit by San Bernardino clients.


Turbocharger kits San Bernardino
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Turbocharger kits San Bernardino
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