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Red Deer Child Care

Every parent these days is rightfully cautious about where they send their small ones for child care, even when it comes to Red Deer child care. Red Deer Montessori is the best choice for child day care if you want your children not only to be safe but to also learn and grow in a healthy environment while you are at work. As you may or may not know, Montessori education is different than traditional day care education models. Red Deer Monetessori would like to help you understand the difference so that you can decide if we're the right Red Deer child care facility for you.

Where the Montessori Education Model Comes From

The Montessori education model was founded on the ideas of Maria Montessori who in 1908 opened her first school for low-income children in Rome, Italy. The school was called Casa De Bambini (Home for Children).

This first school was furnished with a teacher's table, a stove, some chairs, group tables for the children, and a cabinet filled with the materials Maria Montessori developed in her earlier career when she taught kids with mental disabilities. Maria Montessori created the materials after she realized that students seemed to understand complex concepts better when they engaged all of their five senses.

The Montessori Model is a Different Yet Effective Education Model

Activities at this first school consisted of personal care, such as dressing and undressing; care of the environment, like sweeping, dusting, and gardening. Otherwise, the kids were free to move around and play with Montessori's materials. Montessori observed that her school children, given a choice, were more interested in practical activities and the materials than they were in normal toys, sweets, and other rewards. Over time, spontaneous self-discipline emerged.

Montessori observed that working independently; children reached new levels of autonomy and became self-motivated learners. She began to see the role of a teacher is to be a facilitator of young people who are free to move and interact within the limits of a safe and prepared environment. The goal is to create independent and responsible adults who share a love for learning.

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Today, this one woman's ideas have spread across the planet and have influenced some of the greatest thinkers and educators of our time. Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison became early advocates of Maria Montessori's education model for children, and later on, Montessori's ideas were embraced by Wikipedia's and Google's founders as well other prominent influencers.

Today, 'Montessori' stands for a method more than for a school itself. To put the Montessori model in a box, you could say that is based on the belief that children learn complex concepts better when they engage all of their senses. Red Deer Child Care utilizes the Montessori model. We invite you to pay us a visit and see if our school is right for your child.

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