OEM Automotive Electrical Parts

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OEM Automotive Electrical Parts

OEM Automotive Electrical Parts

Most car industries nowadays have already embraced the technological advancement of online businesses in revolutionizing all types of human transactions and learning from web marketing and selling up to technical services and training.

One of the top vehicle service companies providing a contemporary approach in automotive training specifically electronic as well as electrical troubleshooting and repair strategies is Veejer Enterprises. With these techniques and skills enhancement, you can easily determine and address the type of car trouble that you may encounter.

Our Top Services

Our company offers three main types of training which appropriately suits your profession or job. We have different training modules for technicians, shop owners or fleet managers, and for teachers.
You can learn about the different approaches in repairing your car or auto using OEM automotive electrical parts as your best vehicle part options.

For Technicians

The first part of the drill is the so-called Phase 1 of the whole curriculum. It involves three days of the electrical program and followed by the troubleshooting hands-on learning to fully develop skills even in a limited span of time. We have an array of training selection and learning manuals which are both available online and through book shipping.

We have a pool of expert instructors who can assist you in the whole duration of your training and we cater lesser instructional period compared to other vehicle training providers. You can learn on-the-vehicle troubleshooting strategies through the use of current clam, DMM, the electrical system procedure, and many others. Moreover, you can also learn diagnostic skills for battery, electrical system, and circuit malfunctioning by doing demonstrations and principle applications together with review quizzes and examinations.

For Fleet Managers/Shop Owners

We provide latest technology service and learning equipment for troubleshooting education which is effectively used and adapted by other vehicle schools in several areas in the US. You can also take advantage of our how-to manuals which include procedural troubleshooting and helpful shortcuts perform during the repair system.

The hands-on learning is also applied to this category of students. We include battery troubleshooting for various types of truck or auto batteries such as the 24V types of battery and the multiple types (12 volts to the 24-volt system).

Also, we provide flip-chart program as the second phase of our training which involves source materials and guidelines on how to perform repairs and strategic troubleshooting like the engine or accessory ground testing.

For Teachers

We provide at least 250 varieties of books covering system troubleshooting in different ways including various OEM automotive electrical parts. The first part of the training includes learning basic principles or electrical guidelines, followed by the dos and don’ts of repair and troubleshooting in terms of DMM and current clamp systems, and the circuit workflow involving readings for voltage, resistant, and current flow.

The fourth part is all about battery options and repair and of course the last part of the training includes all technical and practical exams necessary to measure your skill enhancement.

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Veejer Enterprise Inc. can be reached through our main website: www.veejer.com or you may call us at these phone numbers: 972 – 276 – 9642/ 972 – 276 – 8122 (fax).

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