Loud Horn

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Loud Horn
Are you searching for a loud horn to replace the original horn that came with your vehicle? Viking Horns carries the best. Whether you want something for your motorcycle to get people to pay attention to you on the road or are looking to beef up your truck, you’ll find the perfect horn to meet your needs.
Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous when you consider many people do not glance your way more than a fraction of a second before pulling out in front of you. A brand new dual trumpet air horn can get you the attention you deserve on the road and will produce a high powered sound of 118 db that is certain to be heard. The motorcycle dual trumpet air horn can replace your existing horn or can be installed and used as an auxiliary horn.
Riders appreciate the Viking dual trumpet motorcycle horn because it comes with all of the accessories necessary including a weather protection cover, heavy-duty maintenance-free 12v compressor, brackets and hardware, air tube and all instructions so that it will easily install on any motorcycle including HD, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW and other bikes as well.
Not loud enough? Try the Black Loud 139 db Compact Air Horn. This horn comes in a very compact size in black color and is extremely loud! For a tight space installation, the Viking Compact Blaster Air Horn is the ideal option. They’ll get out of the way for this one, no doubt about it.
For marine applications, Viking’s loud 139 decibel 4 Trumpet Air Horn Kit will product the sound you’re looking for over the water. Trumpets are chrome plated metal and come with dual heavy-duty 12v direct drive compressor with no air tank needed, mounting hardware is included along with relay, hose and Y-connector and install instructions. This is a great horn for a boat, RV, pick-up, SUV and many more applications.
Boat owners love the streamlined look of the Polished Stainless Single Trumpet Electric Horn that is often referred to as The Announcer. This loud horn is 100% stainless steel housing, 304 non-magnetic grade with a bright polished finish that will not rust. The Announcer is designed for exterior use and salt water environments so it’s the perfect choice for marine applications but it can also be used for trucks and other vehicles. This is a maintenance-free horn and does not require a compressor or hoses! A simple 2 wire connection offers a quick install.
When it comes to finding a loud horn, make your first search on superiorhorns.com. They’ll always have what you’re looking for at a price you’ll really appreciate.
Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $40 with Viking Horns. If you have questions about a loud horn kit or would like to speak with someone from sales, please call 786-565-9925. You can request wholesale prices by emailing info@superiorhorns.com.
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