entrepreneurial podcast on Spotify

entrepreneurial podcast on Spotify

Innovation changes the game for different industries in major ways every so often. The latest one of the elite media innovations is the podcast. The journey of the podcast started in 2003, with a worldwide audience of only 260,000 people. Business owners and entrepreneurs now have a lot of understanding of podcasts and will constantly invest in different podcasts to get the most from their strategies.

Benefits of listening to our entrepreneurial podcast on Spotify

Variety of topics

The word podcast is a derivation from Apple’s iPod feature. People walked around with iPods more upon their invention to constantly listen to different creative content throughout the day. The podcast's nature makes people less discriminating against content because it reaches a target audience across various demographics.

Podcast discussions vary from broad topics to the most minute type. Every day, thousands of podcasts give the most creative entrepreneurs a chance to get the most applicable content to grow the business. The bottom line of podcasts is that they cover various topics for people of all levels of experience to find value.

Free valuable content

A smart person will find a smarter person to show them how to avoid a mistake. The knowledge of the expert will have a direct impact on how one operates a business. The business's biggest names usually hire some form of motivational professional to get them to bigger heights.

We establish that the entrepreneurial podcast experience on Spotify is one of the things you need to operate and succeed in business. Geraldine Jippe changes the way you look at the business with many different industries and works with many different entrepreneurs. Our business advice helps you grow your project with insight into different ways of setting up a business, training sessions, conferences, and every other minute aspect you can imagine.


Time is both an ally and an enemy for the startup business owner. Your business's most valuable assets will double their output when you have a proper time management schedule. Most people who are keenly aware of the acute availability of time will stay ahead of the business by investing in a podcast that touches on the different ideas, changes, and innovations they can add to the project.

Geraldine’s podcast allows you to consume information with ease as you run your normal daily errands. Most importantly, the podcast is similar to the broken down review of a book so that you can get all the necessary information without the effort of reading.

Community engagement

Podcasts are about getting more people into the discussion community. The audience of our platform has a common interest to dissect and apply the knowledge of the host. Our Spotify community gives you access to a wider group of people with similar interests. 

Our platform has podcasts for different niches, including technology, socialism, arts, and many more. We hope to add to your journey's clarity and be a helping hand in your journey to success. Have a listen to the first episode and let us know how you resonate with the stance.


entrepreneurial podcast on Spotify
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entrepreneurial podcast on Spotify
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