Childcare Red Deer

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Childcare Red Deer

For the best childcare in Red Deer, consider dropping your kids off at Red Deer Montessori each day. Here your children will flourish in a safe and controlled environment that has been designed to nurture focus and concentration and satisfy inquisitive young souls. Red Deer Montessori works with children from 2-5 years and is a great place for early childhood learning and development.

What Makes Us Unique

The difference between traditional and Montessori preschool is that children are taught from a young age to be independent in Montessori preschools, whereas children are taught from a young age to conform in traditional schools. At Red Deer Montessori, even toddlers are taught to make choices and solve problems on their own. We give our children a lot of freedom within the structure of the classroom and within the structure of the day to explore, solve problems, and put their newfound skills to work.

For example, social skills are gained quickly at Red Deer Montessori because these skills are constantly being modeled for them. Our children are given many opportunities to interact with children who are the same age, younger, older, less skillful socially, and more skillful socially every day. The children are given opportunities to act out the social skills modeled for them and are encouraged to become part of a greater community. That is why, when our children leave RDM, they have already developed great social skills.

The Montessori Education Model Works

Children feel much more confident when they are allowed to grow and learn at their own pace in a safe and structured environment than they would, for example, having a teacher closely guiding their every moment. The same principle also applies in terms of children's independence and in terms of their ability to do things on their own and feel confident in new situations because they're always being exposed to new things here.

The model and mimic philosophy is simple yet highly effective. As children see their teachers and older peers doing things, younger children will try to mimic those behaviors and eventually succeed. As they get older, they will be more confident and more willing to try new things and cement the knowledge and self-awareness they've developed having the best possible childcare in Red Deer.

Pay Us a Visit

There are many reasons to enroll your children into a Red Deer childcare program at Red Deer Montessori, not the least of which being our teacher qualifications and class size. Every class at RDM has a balanced teacher/student ration, which gives us the ability to respond to every child's needs individually. Regardless of the class, all children receive group lessons and individual lessons in an environment where personal development is nourished.

For the best childcare in Red Deer, call us and schedule an appointment to visit and tour our facilities. You will find that our school is clean, safe, and fun for kids with lots of learning every day. Call any time during normal business hours to schedule a visit.

Childcare Red Deer
Red Deer Montessori school
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