Auto Wreck Repair in North Myrtle Beach

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Auto Wreck Repair in North Myrtle Beach

A car accident is an inconvenient event, whether you were expecting it or not. In most case, the insurance company will have a particular auto-wreck repair shop. A few others will let you choose. Atlantic Collision LLC is an auto-wreck repair shop that processes insurance claims of clients looking for collision repairs. We help you land coverage that will provide all due compensation in all means possible.

Work the insurance

The coverage policy of insurance depends on a couple of factors. The insurance firm will determine how much you earn depends on the history of gap insurances, the severity of the collision, and the comprehensive coverage agreement. Here are a few questions to ask your insurance to determine the quality of services you get from the protection:

  • Does the policy dictate the actual amounts payable after specific collision types?
  • Will they cover Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or generic parts?
  • Do you have access to a rental car as you await finalization of repairs?


The auto wreck repair in North Myrtle Beach will give you an estimate if you plan to pay for the services out of your pocket. Alternatively, the assessment comes from the insurance firm if you plan to file for coverage.

Atlantic Collision LLC will collaborate with the adjuster and the insurance firm to find a suitable quote estimate. According to most repair shops in the United States, you can expect the prices to fall in the following brackets:

  • Replacement of small features that do not require paint will not be more than $500
  • Repairs of small panel parts like bumpers and fenders range between $1500 and $500
  • Medium repairs of several panels inclusive of lights and grills will not exceed $4000
  • Extensive damage could be anything from $6000 and above

The repair process

After dropping off your car at the repair shop, you can expect the repair shop to take varied periods, depending on the severity of the damage. Sometimes, they repair shop will delay the procedure as they await the arrival of parts that were not in stock. Other times, the insurance company might take a while to approve the purchase of individual parts.

Be sure that you are in stable communication with the insurance firm to have an accurate perception of the expected repair period. You can expect your car to have faster services when you work with our human resource services to stay on top of the game.

Our auto wreck repair in North Myrtle Beach covers three significant aspects:

  • Replacement¬†
  • Repair
  • Painting

We use modern tools to restore the factory settings of your car. The process may include replacement or repair of parts in the vehicle. We will remove dents, bumps, scratches, scrapes, and dings that occurred over a lengthy time, or during the accident.

Often, clients wonder whether the new parts will match the original ones in color. Our shop has high performing paint jobs tools that will create aesthetically pleasing cosmetics. You will see and feel the newness of the car when you pick it and get it back on the road.


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