Auto Repair Plano Tx

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Auto Repair Plano Tx

Are you looking for auto repair in Plano TX? Give Auto Works Performance Shop a call. We want to provide you with fast, friendly, professional service you can trust and count on. We service both foreign and domestic vehicles.



 How to choose and auto repair shop?


When you are choosing an auto repair shop, it is a good idea to ask around. Find out who your neighbors, co-workers, and relatives use. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. If an auto repair shop is making its customers happy, chances are you will be satisfied with their work too.


It is a good idea to look for a repair shop before you need one. Have your oil changed. This gives you a perfect excuse to go into the shop and see what your impression is. Is it clean and organized? Are the staff friendly and did they greet you with a smile? Did you get to speak with the mechanic?  Are they members of the BBB? Check out their online reviews. What certifications do they have? Their mechanics?


You must trust your auto repair shop and your mechanic. Make sure your questions are answered, and you understand what is going to be repaired.  You want ASE certified technicians, fast, friendly service, and competitive pricing.


Why do I need regular maintenance?


Auto repair in Plano TX also means regular maintenance. The importance of keeping your vehicle performing at its best cannot be stressed enough. Your car is essential to you, and you probably rely on it for transportation to and from work. If you have children, they will be passengers in your car sometimes.


You want your car to be reliable, safe, and always ready for you when you need it. There is nothing fun about waking up and trying to go to work, but your car won't start. If you maintain your vehicle correctly, your tires, brakes and battery and other systems are less likely to give you problems.


A good auto repair shop will always point out potential areas of concern that need addressed and discuss with you what should be done to prevent any future problems. Not all automobile problems can be prevented, but many can.


What can an auto repair shop do for me?


An auto repair shop in Plano TX can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly by performing regular maintenance. The following are a few standard maintenance items that need to be addressed on a car:


  • Grease and Lubricate components
  • Check and refill automatic/manual transmission fluid levels
  • Check power steering fluid and refill if necessary
  • Check and replace worn-out brake liners/pads and Discs/drums
  • Replace A/C filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Engine tune-up
  • Change oil
  • Tire rotation


Some auto repair shops will do more than repair the mechanical components of your car; they can also handle collision repair. This means that in the event something happens to the body of your vehicle, they can take out dents, repaint, replace doors, and other problems.


Contact Auto Works Performance Shop for all of your automotive needs today. We are family owned and operated.

Auto Repair Plano Tx
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