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The first step towards becoming a successful phlebotomist is finding a legit school that offers the best training module. You must enroll in the school for official classes and gain certification to identify you as a qualified professional in the field. Excellent training ensures you have access to the best jobs in your region and that you offer the best services to all patients and medical facilities.

How do I get my phlebotomy certification in California?

Training involves tens of hours of classwork and more hours on fieldwork. Students should quickly learn and retain information about different medical fields, such as:

  • Anatomy
  • Healthcare law
  • Medical terminologies
  • Resuscitation
  • Cardiopulmonary

The students should have a feel of the real field and work with supervisors who can guide their learning process. These steps equip one with the proper knowledge needed to gain the right certification. How can you ensure that you choose a second-to-none accredited phlebotomy training program in Los Angeles?

The phlebotomy certificate in Los Angeles is available through many educational institutions in your area. It has a comprehensive range of sub-courses that may vary with each state. The key points of proper training will exhibit the following qualities among all viable institutions.

Five reasons why we rank among the leading phlebotomy training schools


It is crucial to make sure that the chosen program meets the legal requirements of the state you prefer to have your vocation. This condition is essential because each state has different qualification requirements for students. Some states require the professional to pass its licensing exams while others have a lenient approach.

Our course is the best for students who plan to find a job in California. We include all the training conditions required by the state and the city of Los Angeles; hence, you will be the legal boundaries of working within the state.


The right accreditation ensures that the chosen program is an authorized course by the National Phlebotomy Association. Most employers will not risk hiring a  Phlebotomy technician certification in Los Angeles from an unaccredited institution, because they do not want to risk losing their work license.

Regan Career Institute is an accredited school with certifications from the state, the ECG/EKG, and the ABHES. Our alumni have successful integration into the job market and do not experience legal complications about their schooling qualifications.

Course components

The only requirement is ensuring that the course has all the categories required to ensure you have a comprehensive learning platform. A well-rounded class will cover more than the specific course and include topics about the state’s legality of the practice and general anatomy of the body.


Our classes only require eighty hours from your schedule to qualify you as a phlebotomist. We detail all the additional hours you will need for practical work before qualifying as a professional in California. Our school has flexible teaching schedules and a program to help you adjust to the most comfortable timeline.

Disability students

Schools are still catching up on the inclusion of disabled students in their programs. We have excellent accommodation and the option of allowing unique enrolments.

Call us for assistance concerning any Los Angeles phlebotomy training programs today and a smooth admission process.




accredited phlebotomy training program Los Angeles
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