6.5 Turbo Diesel

6.5 Turbo DieselAre you looking for an affordable 6.5 turbo diesel engine? Not all products on the market are alike. Before making the decision to purchase a 6.5 engine, consider talking with an expert from Bostic Motors. Their improved aftermarket and Optimizer 6.5 engines offer all of GM and AM General’s most recent 6.5 engine updates at a better price than any dealer can offer you.

Just what’s new and improved about these engines? It's not easy knowing where to start when answering that question. Take a closer look and see for yourself:

Engines at Bostic Motors are built using new and improved block and head castings- but it doesn’t stop there, because improvements also extend to internal components and the oiling systems. Just a few of the many details that set their engines apart from almost all others on the market today include:

1. Remanufactured Optimizer 6.5 turbo diesel engines utilize genuine AM General 2004 and newer military issued block and head castings. These castings address and have eliminated previous cracking and oiling issues. To date, not one block or head crack issue has been reported.

2. Every engine is hot-run and dynamometer tested before it is shipped out. This ensures that internal parts are seated and operating as they should be at the correct oil pressures, along with catching coolant and oil leaks.

3. OEM and OEM supplier Mahle Clevite parts are used for all internals- the best that can be obtained.

4. No Asian-sourced parts or components are every used.

5. You can be certain that Bostic Motors will not only never cut the crankshaft, they will never use crankshafts that have been cut. Cutting the 6.5 crankshaft is not permitted by GM protocol.

6. At Bostic Motors, you’re a valued customer, more than just a means to a sale. They’re interested in helping you get the engine installed properly by using historical data and by bringing to your attention specific problem areas that you may face during the installation of the unique 6.5 turbo diesel engine.

7. Unlike many other companies, Bostic Motors will pay for the return of the core.

The block and heads of the Aftermarket and Optimizer 6.5 engines are made with iron that utilizes molybdenum, a metal that offers a substantial increase in strength (from 20-25%), without the drawback of being brittle. The new design of the block also incorporates main bearing webs and caps improvements. Please take note that new blocks are not from China, nor do they incorporate any Asian-sourced parts or components in the manufacture or the remanufacture of their 6.5 turbo or non-turbo diesel engines.

With the important improvements that have been made, Bostic Motors believes their new 6.5 is among the toughest, longest-lasting 6.5L diesel engines available today.

You can find out more about their products when you visit 6-5liter.com, where you can read more about engines and pricing, read the FAQ page that addresses many commonly asked questions, or contact the company. Feel free to call 828-453-7779 to speak with a specialist.
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